Audio Technica AT2020 vs AKG p220

General MicrOPHONE Comparison Information

Microphones are not all the same, and choosing one can be daunting. While microphone price is an indicator of quality, that's not always the case. More importantly, It's crucial to find the voice over microphone that works best with your voice.

To aid in your quest, we've made several videos comparing different sets of voice over microphones. These videos provide a quick reference to the tonal characteristics you can expect from each and in comparison to one another.

Listening to high-quality headphones or speakers is recommended. Avoid listening on devices such as earbuds, phones, and laptop speakers as they lack proper fidelity.

Audio Technica AT2020 VS AKG P220

In this video, we compare Audio Technica's AT2020 against the AKG p220 on voice over.

Both of these microphones are often compared in the realm of both VO and music production as great starter microphones.

We wanted to hear directly how they stood up against each other on VO in particular.

Not only could these microphones be great for those starting out, they could potentially also be great for talent on-the-go as a travel microphone for use in hotel rooms, etc. These could also be used for small podcasting setups or as a backup microphone for podcasts.

The AKG Perception p220 retails at around $150 and the AT2020 retails at around $100.Female Keep in mind that these voiceover microphone comparisons are best when listened to in a quality set of headphones or studio monitors. It can be hard to hear the difference when listening on a laptop or phone.Also, remember that every microphone will sound different on your voice and in your recording environment. The room where we record these comparison videos has been professionally built and acoustically treated, so these mics are likely to sound different in a different space.For more voiceover goodies, head over to


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