Jerry Horwath

March 31, 2023

Are thinking about diving into the world of voice acting? It's an exciting journey, but before taking the plunge, have you considered all the effort that goes into determining success? Let's examine some crucial considerations before beginning a voice acting career.

Why do you want to be a voice actor?

First things first, ask yourself what's drawing you to voice acting? Are you looking to make some extra cash as a part-time gig, or are you looking to make it a career? Maybe you're already an actor and want to expand your skillset or income. Or perhaps you're in it for emotional reasons – the creative outlet, the love of the craft, or even for the adoration from others (although that last one might not be the best motivation for a long-term career). 

Thinking about your reasons will motivate you through the inevitable tough times.

What are your expectations of success?

Everyone defines success differently, so knowing what you're aiming for, as you can imagine, is crucial. Is financial income your main priority, or are you more focused on personal goals, like landing a role in your favorite animated series? Remember, sometimes the reward lies in the work itself, and sometimes it's all about Jerry McGuire, ie. "Show me the money!".

Knowing your priorities is essential to avoid disappointment and, more importantly, understanding what defines your success.

Can you handle rejection and disappointment?

Let's be honest – voice acting, just like stage or screen acting, is highly competitive, and you'll face a lot of rejection. In fact, you may only land one out of every ten auditions you do, which is a pretty great percentage! However, that rejection is tough to swallow - even for the most headstrong individual. The key is to stay resilient and keep pushing forward. It's important to remember that many factors are at play when booking jobs, and often it has nothing to do with your skills.

Tip - Being personable goes a long way!

Are you ready for the time, effort, and financial commitment?

Voice acting isn't just about stepping up to the mic and recording. It involves investing time in building acting skills, auditioning, networking, and directly marketing yourself. Think of it as running your own small business, which can be a major time suck. It's simply how modern voiceover works. Even if you have an agent, you will still need to do a significant amount of work on your own.

And remember the financial commitment! Everything costs money, from acting classes to website hosting and demo creation. Plus, now voice actors essentially require a professional studio at home! Take a moment to reflect on whether you feel ready to fully commit to this undertaking, knowing that there is a risk that you may not see any return.

If you're ready, read on.

Beware of scammers!

Lastly, as if you don't have enough to consider, watch out for scams!
Sadly, many people are ready to take advantage of your passion for voice acting. Be cautious about where you spend your money and the decisions you make in pursuing your career. You'll quickly discover many shysters, including coaches, agents, and video producers. Do your research and stay vigilant! 

Tip: Never pay an agent to take you on as a client!

Pursuing a voice acting career can be a rewarding experience, but it's essential to consider the pitfalls and benefits before taking the leap.
Your reasons for pursuing a voiceover career are uniquely yours. We hope we've helped you prepare for the challenges and successes ahead!

About the author 

Jerry Horwath

Jerry is a veteran audio engineer who has recorded and directed thousands of voice overs for fortune 500 companies over his 25-year career. He's the former lead agent of Voicebox Talent and current principal engineer at Buzz Cutz Audio.

His well-rounded experience is matched only by his well-rounded body. He's fat and good at what he does.

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