What does Lost

Opportunity Cost You?

Boost your bottom line with a mission-oriented demo reel.

Your Demo Reel Says Everything About You. 

Make sure it says you're professional.

People decide within 10-seconds of hearing your voice over demo if you're right for the job. Demo reels with bedroom sound quality and unimpressive, indistinct performances have an adverse affect on bookings.

So, why do you promote yourself with an inadequate voice over demo? 
Stop undermining your goals and losing work because of frugality or lack of specialized technical skills.

Command attention with a mission-oriented voice over demo that serves to impress clients, generate bookings, and increase income.

A mission-oriented demo reel factors in your goals and skills alongside market trends to achieve a more sellable you. It focuses on your aspirations while targeting clients' specific needs, presenting you as a valuable partner, and not a commodity.

It's time to increase opportunity and boost your bottom line with a client focused, results achieving, mission-oriented voice over demo reel. 

The #1 tool for booking work is
 a voice actors demo reel.

Consider this, would you buy a product that you haven't an idea of how it performs? Neither will VO seekers, yet we're amazed that so many would-be voice actors don't have even a basic demo reel. 

A  voice over demo reel is like a paint swatch for your voice. It's a representation of what tonal colors you deliver and showcases your talent. 

You need to show it off properly if you're serious about booking. 

Join the hundreds who have called on the expertise of VOscripts.com to help them achieve success.

Our team of professional audio engineers, producers, and studio partners have numerous radio and TV credits and are ready to assist you in reaching your goals.

Start by examining the options below, then reach out for a free consultation. 

Together, we will  create a stellar voice over demo that you're proud of and one that books you work. 


Your current demo or showcase spot pumped on steroids. 



/per demo


Our expert engineers upgrade your current demo reel's lackluster sound and add audio polish to improve listener retention and client impact.

How it Works

You send us the voice over demo reel you'd like us to improve. You can also send other materials that you're proud to show off and is under two minutes in length.

After listening, one of our engineers will contact you to discuss your project and address any special considerations.

We'll then adjust, eq, compress, and perform specialized audio treatments to make your reel sound exceptional.

Finally, we'll master your demo to maximize volume and clarity to increase effectiveness.

  • 15 Minute Consultation
  • Professional-grade Sonic Enhancement 
  • Precision Loudness Control
  • Attention-Grabbing Master
Mission Commander

A LIMITED mission-oriented voice over demo for determined professionals.



/per demo

No Available Bookings


This definitive choice holds back nothing for the committed voice actor looking to advance their career.

How it Works

Along with many perks, including professional studio recording with direction, you'll receive a uniquely crafted :60 master demo reel + 8 individual showcase spots to use in your expanded digital marketing efforts.

For full details, please contact us about how this premiere option works..

  • 60+ Minute Exploratory Consultation
  • 8 Custom Written Scripts
  • 1 Hour Pre-Session Workout
  • Professional Studio Recording
  • Immediate In-Session Feedback
  • Meticulous Sound Editing
  • Enhanced Music Enrichment
  • Advanced Sound Design
  • Professional Sound Mixing
  • Precision Loudness Mastering
  • Necessary Music Synch Rights
  • :60 Mission-Oriented Master Demo
  • 3  Demo Variations for A | B Testing
  • 6  Showcase Spots for Digital Marketing Efforts


Hear what voice talent say.

WOW WOW WOW... you took scraps and made a palatable meal out of it all... I am very appreciative... can't thank you enough.

Bo Barker


Honestly, I LOVE IT!!
Such a professional job; I’d be interested to know how you made it sound so good considering I didn’t use a super expensive mic!

Haleem Clift


Love, love, love it!

Maryann Sullivan

Mission Commander

Our PleDGE TO you

Our pledge to you.

Demos are not all created equal, and we know that. We pledge never to push you into a voice over demo you don't need or one that serves our financial interests more than your career goals.

This honest unconventional approach appears odd in an egotistical culture. Still, it reflects who we are as people, and we're rather proud of our midwestern integrity.

We invite you to reach out with questions before placing an order to discuss your objectives and boost your demos' effectiveness.

Achieve Success with a FREE Consultation.