Jerry Horwath

August 15, 2020

Do Your VO Reps

We receive many inquiries about how to get started in voice over. The reality is that people get their start in many different ways; some transition from traditional acting or begin in radio, some are even scriptwriters whose scratch track makes the final cut. However, if they or anyone else wants to make voice-acting a long-term career, then training and continued skill growth are necessary.

Voiceover training teaches breathing techniques, cadence, timbre, emotional connection, script interpretation, critical listening, professionalism, and a whole host of other skills needed to establish a long-term, professional career in voiceover.

As in life, you get out what you put in. A professional football player isn't a pro because they walk onto the field. They train, endure, and build their skills over time so that when it comes time to hit the field, they do so at peak performance levels. Voice-over is not any different.

To work consistently as a professional voice actor, you need to do your reps to build your skills.

Start by downloading our free script pack to get started, then find a good coach with whom you can work. Not all coaches are created equal. We'll cover what to look for in a coach in a future article. Meanwhile, this short article is to get you motivated.

Read every day, push yourself every day, and you'll further your career faster, farther, and for longer.

About the author 

Jerry Horwath

Jerry is a veteran audio engineer who has recorded and directed thousands of voice overs for fortune 500 companies over his 25-year career. He's the former lead agent of Voicebox Talent and current principal engineer at Buzz Cutz Audio.

His well-rounded experience is matched only by his well-rounded body. He's fat and good at what he does.

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