Have You Committed Yourself to Average?

Sharpening any skill requires active commitment, and voice acting is no different. Along with persistence, practice is vital to transform from average actor to outstanding talent.

Choose to Be Outstanding.

We know it's in you. That's why we're delighted to contribute to your growth by offering a selection of Free voice over practice scripts.

Our free scripts benefit every voice actor by building foundational abilities that turn marginal reads into tack-sharp performances

What's more, when you practice, you create a toolset that can be called upon at any moment - making you a star performer.

With consistent practice, you'll land on top of the shortlist and impress clients more often.

Practice promotes mechanical and artistic development.
Voice Over Mechanics
Increases Reading Proficiency
Develops Cadence & Flow
Establishes Consistency
Promotes Listening Skills
Improves Breath Control
Voice Over Artistry
Expands Emotional Access
Explores Nuance through Discovery
Cultivates Objectivity
Uncovers Unique Tactics
Sparks Imagination

While not comprehensive, this illustration highlights some of the many benefits of practicing your craft. Set aside two-hours each week for improvement, and you'll be amazed at what you'll gain. You owe it to yourself.

Let's Get Started

It's time to stop reading and start performing. Below is a selection of 5 scripts to get you started. You can download additional free voiceover practice scripts when you sign-up for our newsletter.

A Few Tips

Don't focus on overall perfection but instead select a specific area you wish to improve. For example, you can attempt to reduce speaking errors or explore emotional states. Small but concentrated changes add up to significant improvements. You can return to work on other aspects later.

Record yourself while practicing so that you can critically evaluate your performance. Try working out with a partner to gain another perspective. 

A quick word of encouragement

As you delve deeper into voice over, you will realize that it is much more complicated then it first appears. We assure you that everyone has feelings of doubt - keep up the practice, stay tenacious, and maintain perspective.

If you ever feel frustrated, take a break, and return later.

The Scripts

  • All Access

  • Workplace Challenges

  • Dark Shadows

  • KAPC-11

  • Face Place

  • Download The Full Scripts Pack for FREE

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Our sincere desire is that you find these free voice over practice scripts valuable to improving your voice over skills.

Along with practice, you should seek coaching either with us or another reputable coach. When you do, you'll make even further gains.

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A winning voice talent knows continual growth is a must!

Use our indispensable collection of FREE voice over practice scripts to strengthen your skills and power-up your side-hustle.

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